Golf Course Construction, Renovation & Management Service

The construction of a golf course comprises many operations. Coordination with golf course architects, working with varied terrain characteristics, as well as planning and executing the actual construction phases of grading, drainage, irrigation, and grassing. And, a singular commitment to excellence in each and every segment of the course.

ICI offers a Golf Course Management service to oversee the day to day operation of the course maintenance department. It covers all but not limited to planning, budgeting, material procurement, execution and troubleshooting of the running of a golf course. Top Management of ICI works closely with the Course Manager and Director of Golf to ensure there is effective communication with golfers.

ICI has led the field with experienced personnel, resources, equipment, and the knowledge to construct prized golf course facilities, which are completed on time, accurate to specifications, and are a credit to the planners and nature herself.

We Provide Service
  • Survey, designing & planning
  • Construction
  • Irrigation
  • Operation & Maintenance